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I want to share a few words about my "lab philosophy" for anyone who may be considering joining my lab. As an assistant professor in MCDB, I aim to share my enthusiasm for science and encourage critical thinking about the biology of microorganisms. I care deeply about helping people develop the skills that they need to build a meaningful career and I hope to show you that there is no finer way to live your life than engaged in a meaningful intellectual pursuit. My lab will strive to carry out innovative, high-quality science that is at the leading edge of our field. You will develop the skills to think critically, plan and implement projects, and communicate scientifically through writing and oral presentations. I will maintain an open dialogue with the members of my laboratory and be aware of your needs, which will facilitate a positive and collaborative working environment. Dedication and hard work are expected, but in return you will gain my fierce loyalty to you and your career. And finally, although science is often difficult and there will be obstacles...your time in lab should be fun!

Blaise Boles, Principle Investigator

Blaise earned his Ph.D. from the University of Iowa in 2006. He was a NIH and American Heart Association Fellow from 2006-2009.

Outside of lab Blaise enjoys spending time with his wife, son (pictured), daughter, and Scottish Wolfhound. He also takes pleasure in competitive chili cooking...with his most recent self-proclaimed victory coming at the 2009 Horswill Lab Great Chili Cook Off with his "Vision Journey Chili."

Postdoctoral Fellows

Sudeshna Ghosh

Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Matt Sekedat

Ph.D., Rockefeller University

Ph.D. Students

David Payne

B.S. Brigham Young University

David grew up in Texas and got his undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University. David is working to elucidate how some chemical compounds can prevent or promote S. aureus biofilm formation. When he isn't in the lab, David works on his car (not restoring it like it's a classic - just keeping a junker running), reads nerd books, and bakes delicious bread.

Kelly Schwartz

B.S. Michigan State University

Kelly's work in lab is focused on defining S. aureus biofilm matrix components that influence biofilm formation and dispersal.

Adnan Syed

B.S. Eastern Michigan University

Adnan is studying mechanisms utilized by S. aureus to colonize a range of biological surfaces


Nick Martin

Nate Soper