SIGnAL "T-DNA Express" Arabidopsis Gene Mapping Tool

Please note: We are using AGI pseudo-molecules/annotation (14-May-2003 ). *

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2. Search:

Gene name: for example: At1g01010

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or cDNA/T-DNA: for example: SALK_003854, R10047 ...

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4. Blast:

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5. Multiple Search Search by Gene/Affy/GO/Sequence and plain text return only.

6. SIGnAL iSect Tools to design primers for T-DNA or your sequences, to retrieve sequences and to compare two lists.


  • We are using AGI pseudo-molecules/annotation (14-May-2003) Now.

  • We are now integrating GABI-Kat and FLAGdb T-DNA insertion sequences into our database. For ordering or related information about GABI-Kat and FLAGdb lines, please visit their web sites at FLAGdb or GABI-Kat.


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