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138 organisms
30188 genes
2877 fly genes
154 higher vertebrates genes
4233 human genes
3340 mouse genes
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Organelle View

Organelle DB

A database of organelle proteins, and subcellular structures / complexes

New! with Organelle View: a visualization tool for yeast protein localization.

Organelle DB compiles protein localization data from organisms spanning the eukaryotic kingdom and presents an organized catalog of the known protein constituents of more than 50 organelles, subcellular structures, and protein complexes. The data sets in Organelle DB encompass 138 organisms with emphasis on the major model systems: S. cerevisiae, A. thaliana, D. melanogaster, C. elegans, M. musculus, and human proteins as well. In particular, Organelle DB is a central repository of yeast protein localization data, incorporating results from both previous and current (ongoing) large-scale studies of protein localization in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. In addition, we have manually curated several recent subcellular proteomic studies for incorporation in Organelle DB. In total, Organelle DB is a singular resource consolidating our knowledge of the protein composition of eukaryotic organelles and subcellular structures.

Cell Image Cell Image
Left: Staining of the nuclear rim in yeast cells carrying an epitope-tagged allele of the nucleoskeletal / nuclear pore protein Nsp1p. The nucleus is shown in blue subsequent to staining with the DNA-binding dye DAPI; HA-tagged Nsp1p was immunolocalized with monoclonal antibody against HA and is shown in red. Right: Staining of the cell periphery in yeast cells.

Kumar Lab
The University of Michigan.